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Individual Counselling in Beenleigh, Queensland

Improve Your Outlook on Life

Individual therapy is ideal for people who are seeking help with issues that are hard to face alone. Also known as psychotherapy, psychosocial therapy, talk therapy, or counselling, individual therapy addresses a range of issues including: 

Anxiety / Trauma

Are you struggling to make sense of a past or recent traumatic event and its powerful influence? Talking to an experienced counsellor can help you look at what is being presented to you differently. Just imagine developing strategies to deal with the effect of the anxiety and experience relief from the intense emotions and anxiety responses. Various counselling techniques can focus on the responses you are experiencing without re-experiencing the trauma itself. The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP) is a relatively recent model of practice that has had positive outcomes for past trauma and can be considered as part of your therapy. Should this be an area you feel you want to focus on to improve your life.

Trauma — Beenleigh, QLD — Christobel Counselling

Loss and Grief

Grief occurs at the loss of something or someone in your life that held you together in some way – That gave meaning to your life – the loss may be sudden or expected – a shock either way.

It may be the loss of a person through death, or it may be that you have lost touch for some other reason, and you are feeling quite lost about how to manage that.

If you were carer of that person suddenly your role has changed, your life changes – There are many layers of loss, and a significant layer is about change.

The loss may not be a person but still have a significant impact on you – perhaps you lost your job, relationship, mobility, and sense of self. These situations can trigger an enormous sense of loss and grief. Sharing that can enable you to get some clarity around the impact it is having

Grief — Beenleigh, QLD — Christobel Counselling

Trouble sleeping?

A part of stress and anxiety can most definitely be played out with difficulty either falling asleep or waking during the night. Certainly, helping you look at the patterns of your sleep and identifying just what is occurring – and develop strategies with you on how to turn the volume down on the loud brain or distract it and divert it to a more conducive pattern for sleep.

I have been permitted to share a resource you may be interested in, as it has a range helpful articles on sleep –

Experience an opportunity to explore the transitions in your life and plan.

With exposure to a broad range of counselling models, my capacity to respond to a variety of clients with a range of issues is enhanced using a broadly integrated approach.

Trouble Sleeping — Beenleigh, QLD — Christobel Counselling

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