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Family Counselling in Beenleigh 

Reconnect with your loved ones

Our families are important and provide comfort, love, and security to our lives. Healthy family relationships can also improve our general outlook on life and wellbeing. However, family relationships aren’t always easy. Our family is a group of individuals with different personalities, opinions and attitudes, which can cause conflicts to arise.

Common family concerns

  • Cultural differences
  • Family disputes and conflicts
  • Financial stress
  • Separation and divorce
  • Parenting concerns
  • Children and adolescent behavioural issues
  • Violence and abuse
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How can my family benefit from counselling?

Family counselling is an opportunity for the whole family to come in and seek guidance through any concerns or issues with our counsellor. Like couples counselling, we work with you to open and develop healthier communication skills and improve the relationship in a nonjudgmental, confidential space to explore and address your family issues.

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Christobel Counselling can help your family:

  • Identify the issues affecting each family member
  • Improve communication within the family
  • Recognise opportunities for growth and learning
  • The impact of life changes
  • Personal issues impacting other family members

Family counselling aims to identify and address problems within the relationship. Christobel Counselling helps your family develop and maintain a healthy and functional family.

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