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Christobel Counselling recognises that everyone’s situation is different, and offers a broad range of services to suit everyone’s needs.

Life presents struggles and challenges, but you never have to work through these things alone. Christobel Counselling offers professional guidance for individuals and families to help them find ways to overcome whatever they’re facing. 

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My name is Di Clough, and I firmly believe that my counselling services can help you. I serve Beenleigh and Brisbane Southside, and parts of the Gold Coast so, contact me today to get started.

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Our Services

Individual Counselling

Whether you struggle with anxiety, depression, trauma, loss or grief, I can help. We’ll work together to understand the neuroscience behind some of your responses and to develop coping strategies for these strong emotions. 

Couple Counselling

Often couples find periods of hardship at some point in their relationship. If the communication has become complex and arguments seem to have become impossible to overcome, take the time to talk about what’s happening for you and find ways to communicate towards a healthy relationship with my guidance.

Family Counselling

From children to senior adults, if anyone in your family is struggling, I’ll work with the entire family to help. This Family Therapy approach allows for a strong foundation of support. 

Children Oriented Counselling

I work with your child/children to identify any issues or concerns affecting their lives at home or school.

Experienced and Accredited Counsellor

With over 40 years of industry experience, I have been counselling the residents of Brisbane Southside to improve their outlook on life. This experience is supported by specialised training and a Master of Counselling, I have what is needed to help you with any problem.

As an accredited Mental Health Social Worker (AMHSW), I can work with clients with a Mental Health Care Plan from their GP and clients from Veterans Affairs with a DVA D904 referral.

Not sure how to manage an issue or concern? Call Di today on 0414 728 884.

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